Today Does Not Represent Forever

Today Does Not Represent Forever

I was recently looking back at pictures of my husband and I when we first got married. I caught myself wishing I still looked like that young girl my husband fell in love with. I realized though that I am not that same person. I am better.

I am stronger, wiser, more loving, and compassionate. I have grown in my faith, career, and my marriage. I have grown because of loss, failure, pain and rejection. I have learned and am learning how to be a better daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, business owner and so much more. 

I look in the mirror at myself and am amazed at the things I have accomplished before the age of 30, but I also know I will not be the same woman ten years from now that I am today because I am constantly striving to make myself better. 

I have been through a lot of pain and loss in my lifetime, but have never used it as an excuse. I have always turned to God and used it as something to push myself to be stronger.

If you are going through a rough patch, don't think that is a representative of today. It's not. Seek God and allow yourself to be molded in Him, then there is hope for a much brighter future. 

Strong people take a long time to grow. They go through many seasons. Seasons of happiness, seasons of hardship, seasons of contentment, and seasons of frustration, but the thing about seasons is they always change. 

If you aren't happy in the season you are in then dig deep and change it.

Don't just give up.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Make it a better day. 

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