He Is Not The Same Man I Married

He Is Not The Same Man I Married

My husband and I have been together for seven years. This man holding my children is not the same boy I met seven years ago.

He's better. He's stronger. he's wiser, he's grown in his faith and career. He has worked hard to provide and make a better life for us. He has grown because of life experiences. He has learned and is learning how to be a better son, husband, father, friend, and coworker.

I look at this man and am amazed at the things he has accomplished in his 30 years of life, but I also know he will not be the same man ten years from now that he is today, because he is constantly striving to make himself better.

If you would have asked me seven years ago if I thought we would be sitting in Church together, I probably would have said no. I certainly wouldn't have thought I would be watching my husband serve and be the strong Christian man that he is.

He put's God first and guiding our children to do the same.

I am so proud of the man my husband has become, but I look forward to seeing everything he is going to accomplish in this life.

I pray I can be the wife and mother he needs me to be.

We have been through a lot of hard times in our marriage. We have looked to God during those hard times and pushed ourselves through to make our marriage stronger.

A lot of times in this society we live in, we run from conflict.

We don't try to fix the problems we have.

If we are unhappy at our job, we quit.

Have a disagreement with a friend, delete them from Facebook.

Aren't receiving the things we need from our spouse, look other places. (and I don't mean just sex. I mean you don't feel like your love language is being met)

Going through really hard times with your spouse, get a divorce.

So many times we could stick around and resolve that conflict, but instead we run, because that feels easy.

If you are going through a rough patch with your spouse, don't think that today is a representative of forever. It's not. Seek God and allow yourself to be molded in Him, then there is hope for a much brighter future.

Strong marriages take a long time to cultivate. They go through many seasons. Seasons of happiness, seasons of hardship, seasons of contentment, and seasons of frustration, but the thing about seasons is they always change.

If you aren't happy in the season you are in then dig deep and change it. Don't just give up.

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