I'm going to say something that I am sure is an extremely unpopular opinion.

We are raising our kids without technology.

I'm not saying we don't watch TV, have WiFi or that we don't have electricity. I'm not that crazy. We just are very careful how much TV we let our kids watch, we don't let them have tablets, and they aren't allowed to play with our phones.

This is a decision my husband and I made before we ever had kids. People always said "Just wait till you have kids, you'll have tablets and let them have your phones." Nope. We've stood our ground on this one.

It is not that we judge other's for allowing their kids to have them, but that's just not what our parenting looks like.

Yes, it's hard. My kids is not as easily distracted when he throws tantrums in public. He also doesn't understand why other kids are allowed to watch movies at the table when he's not allowed to. We get looks when he's screaming and crying, but that doesn't mean we are going to give in.

Just because my parenting doesn't look like yours, doesn't mean it's wrong. 

Why do we live in a society that feels like we have to put our noses in everyone's business.

Parenting is hard enough. Can't we just support each other instead of bringing each other down for every little thing. 

I cannot tell you how many people have given us crap about not letting our son play with our pones or have his own tablet.... like seriously???

One, there is a lot of reasons we aren't for this. Two, it's none of your business. 

So let's all do as Hannah B says and "Stay in our own lanes!"

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