To The Woman Who Changed My Life

To The Woman Who Changed My Life


It was just like any other day. I had been working and we had been extremely busy with women coming in all day. Some knew exactly what they were looking for, others were just killing time and some women were just enjoying shopping. 


The second you walked in there was just something different about you. You looked very unsure and uncomfortable to be there. I offered my assistance and you turned me down. That's fine, some women just don't want help. I gave you your space, but made polite small talk with you. 


Slowly, you warmed up to me and I could tell you really did want help so I offered again and this time you took me up on it. You confessed that you used to be a "young pretty, confident girl, in her early 20s" just like me, but you have now had kids and just don't know how to dress yourself. 


I was a little shocked at your comment because that is not at all how I viewed myself. When I looked in the mirror I saw an overweight, freakishly tall girl who had low self-esteem. I looked at you and saw a beautiful women who takes such amazing care of herself and her family. 


I didn't tell you that then, but oh how I wish I would have. Instead I just smiled and said "Let's find you something to change that then!" 


You see that moment was life changing for me. For you it was probably so small, but in that moment I knew THIS is what I was made for.


At the time I was going to school for a degree in Early Childhood Education, but was questioning if that is what I really wanted to do. But being young and twenty I really had no idea what I wanted to do the rest of my life. 


Seeing how you walked out of the store that day a different person changed me. That's when I knew I wanted to help other women feel confident and beautiful the rest of my life. 


Now many years later I find myself relating to you even more. I now have had kids and wish I had the body I once did. But I also love what my body has gone through. I grew two amazing tiny human beings inside of me. I worked hard and fed and nourished them (still am!).


Just like any other woman I have days that I struggle with my body image. I have a hard time dressing myself after kids too, but I live for helping other women find that perfect outfit that gives them back their confidence they once had.


Being a mom does not mean you have to sacrifice being "stylish". Being "stylish" does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. 


I love helping women find clothes that makes them feel beautiful and confident, but that are versatile for their everyday mom life. 

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