I’m going to be super transparent here which is so incredibly hard for me to do. Especially on this topic.

I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight, but the last few years have been hard.

I made a comment to my doctor about really wanting to do something about it and that my weight has gotten out of control.

She looked at me and said, “you need to give yourself some grace. Your body has been through a lot having two babies in two years.”


She was SO RIGHT.

It’s not just been any two years.

I have grown not just one, but two babies inside of my tummy in two years.

My body nourished and fed my first born for the first 17 months of his life. Six months of which I was pregnant with sister.

I now have continued to feed and nourish my second baby for 5 months and counting!

Those are seriously AMAZING things to be proud of.

I have been doing WW for a few months now and it’s been GREAT! It’s helping me make healthier choices and I’ve lost 15 lbs since starting.

However, I’m still unhappy with were I’m at and want to be my best self and healthy.

A few weeks ago I was having just one of those days that you feel terrible about yourself and of course I’m just crying and crying.

I told my husband I just want to be healthy and loose weight for him and my kids. I want to be the best I can be for them.

He looked at me and so sincerely said, “You have to do it for you. Not for us.”

Well ladies, that just made me cry even more.

But he’s right. I have to do it for me.

The next day my sweet friend launched these tees and I KNEW I needed them.


My word of the year has been ✨ GRACE ✨ I’ve worked really hard to give myself grace in these moments of doubt.

The moments that I don’t feel like a good mom, a good wife, a good daughter.

When I let societies standards of “pretty” and what normal should look like get in my head.

When I’m extremely hard on myself because I’m not where I want to be.

I’ve given myself grace.

But this shirt is reminding me that I have to do this for me.

Not anyone else.

For me. 💜

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Love to shop there the lady that owns it is supper nice


You’re an encouragement Every day and you don’t even know it! Thank You for all that you do and doing it with Grace! Love You!!


I have the same feelings and I too do ww. I have to remind myself I’m God’s child, I don’t have to live up to what the world expects. God bless you

Lindy Jackson

You are absolutely one of the most beautiful women in my circle. A few pounds…no biggie! You have two amazing children and a wonderful husband. If you are unhappy with your body, you need to remember it has been a hard two years and give it grace. Just be healthy and eat good stuff to give you the energy you need to chase babies!

Paula Johnson

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